Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Top 10 Reasons I am not a vegetarian

During lent I tend to think about meat much more often than other times of the year (you guess why).

While the reasons for vegetarianism are numerous and as a lifestyle it is vastly superior to that of carnivores, here are my Top 10 reasons for not embracing this lifestyle and sticking with a carnivorous lifestyle.
  1. Roast Beef (slow cooked with lots of veggies)
  2. Country Ham (salty)
  3. Bacon....mmmm...bacon (not the turkey stuff)
  4. Christmas Ham (or Easter or Thanksgiving)
  5. Suwannee Pack Sausage (this comes from my home town and is nearly impossible to find- it is the greatest sausage in the world- many people have it flown worldwide- tastes a bit like andouille).
  6. Barbecue Pork (from any number of southern joints -it must be slow cooked by wood fire and chopped)
  7. Memphis Ribs (dry rubbed)
  8. Texas Style Chili (no beans)
  9. Carnitas (esp. those from Chipotle)
  10. Gator Tail (I rarely eat it, but it is nice to know I can chomp down on a gator anytime the University of Florida gets too full of itself- I think I need some right now.)
That said, I eat very little meat (unless you are a legalist and consider fish meat).

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Anonymous said...

preach on brutha...I need to make a run to Jack's Bar-b-que right now!!!