Tuesday, April 03, 2007

another musician who owes me an apology

Since first posting the "Musicians That Owe Me an Apology" article, I realized the need to add one more...

John Mayer.

John showed us plenty of promise on his first single No Such Thing. Great lyrics, good guitar work and wonderful hook. Then he unleashed Your Body is a Wonderland, which is a completely unforgivable offense. This is a musical version of the worst chick flicks ever. This song is the musical equivalent of Dirty Dancing. He should do a duet with Meg Ryan. And we wonder why he dates Jessica Simpson? Maybe he is actually Patrick Swayze in disguise. Has anyone seen them together?

The worst thing about Mayer is this... He is actually talented. He is considered one of the best guitarists of his generation, spending time with Clapton (another talent waster) and laying down some mean blues licks (he worships Stevie Ray Vaughan). Yet, *he writes pablum for college girls, Grey's Anatomy montages and Grammy voters.

He went straight to becoming an old Clapton, Raitt or McCartney, releasing what the aging members of the musical establishment want without the years of musical exploration and artistry, like Sheryl Crow another great talent that cares too much about creating musical cotton candy and forgetting about an eventual musical legacy if they keep their eyes focused on their art.

BTW, this is my problem with Norah Jones, Alicia Keyes and John Legend also. Mayer would not bother me so much if my wife did not like him.


*My friend Jeff, a much better writer, puts it this way
"yet, he chooses to perform pap smears for college girls, grey's anatomy fans and thirty-something, overweight divorcees."

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