Monday, May 07, 2007

a few more things to get off my chest

Okay this feels good.

I am getting a few more things off my chest (this may not be the end of it).

1. I think Will Ferrell is overrated. I find Will Ferrell moderately funny and don't laugh at many of his movies or SNL skits (okay, Cowbell is funny). While I loved Stranger than Fiction, I couldn't stand Anchorman. Blades of Glory and Talladega Nights were funny, but not brilliant.

2. I also think Molly Shannon and Chris Farley were not that funny (physical humor will only take you so far, unless you are a genius like Belushi- email me and I will give you my most honest view of Farley, including his death). Hartman, Hammond, Meyers and Carvey and Meadows were much funnier.

3. I like Adam Sandler, but think most of his films are terribly formulaic and appeal to the lowest common denominator (i.e. Anger Management, Click, Billy Madison, Mr. Deebs and Big Daddy).

4. I think Hanson is a very good band and has a lot of unrealized talent.

5. I hate what Grey's Anatomy has done to music. Suddenly every band is writing some sensitive ballad to get on the show. We are now in an era of Wimp Rock on one end and Cock Rock on the other, neither of which I have much patience for.

We need less The Fray, Peter John and Bjorn, Snow Patrol, John Mayer, Keane, Maroon 5, Robin Thicke, John McLaughlin, James Morrison and the rest of the Coldplay, James Taylor, Bread and Air Supply worshipping chick rocking sissies.

6. I think the Democrats will find a way to blow the 2008 election, especially if they nominate Hillary (a candidate I dislike because of her politics, not her gender).

7. I am suspicious of people that don't like animals.

8. I question the character of Hurricane, Cowboy, Yankee and Laker fans.

9. I question the sanity of Cub, Royal, Hawk, Gator and Arizona Cardinal fans (of of course, I used to question the sanity of Warrior and Clipper fans).

10. I am an Arizona Cardinal fan.

11. I think it is cool to not watch television.

12. I like to cook complicated recipes... from scratch.

13. I think my son may be famous one day.

14. I actually get ticked off thinking about the fact that Electric Light Orchestra is not in the Rock and Roll hall of Fame. Here are some others not in.

15. I think Fox news is no more reputable or useful than Al Jazeera. Actually, they are flip sides of the same product.

16. I think the War on Terror is a bigger joke than the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs (and they were big jokes).

17. I do think Islamofascism is the most dangerous political development since Nazism (worse than communism). I just think poverty relief, diplomacy (esp. with common allies) and policing are better strategies.

18. I don' think there is any such thing as a mainstream media with liberal bias. I think most of the MSM tries to report without agenda but often fails without realizing it. I also think "conservative" bias is just as insidious, even more so. Why? Because, I also think that Liberal bias is proper for journalists, since liberals tend to be sceptical of power and the press must always be sceptical of power and have a tenuous relationship with those in power. Lastly, I think we need mainstream media and alternative media. However, I have no use for opinionated talking point, agenda based pseudo journalism that markets in innuendo rather than fact gathering (see Fox on Obama the Muslim).

19. I have never owned an American flag (and probably won't until my dad dies).

20. I don't think evolution, homosexuality or a non-literal reading of much of the Bible (apart from the Gospels) matter much to the Christian faith.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Hanson? I broke a CD player and an end table in a deparate dive once to turn the station when one of their songs came on. It was worth the physical and financial pain.

Anonymous said...

#7: You must be suspicious of me then, not that I don't like animals, I just don't want the responsibility of owning/taking care of one. Does that count?
#8: You question the character of my husband because he loves the Lakers...but I'm sure you have had that conversation before with him...
#11: You also think we're cool because we don't watch television (okay, just not much, although my husband is watching some movie with David Spade on right now, and we do generally watch The Office on Thursday nights).

From your friends in Allen, TX. Hope ya'll are doing well.

DJ Word said...

you are kind to Marley, so I can trust you. Your husband, however, does suffer from being a Laker. We all have character flaws. That is his.

I am with you guys on The Office.

Thanks for commenting. pax.

lu guys

DLW said...

I like Coldplay, but have found that many of their non-hit songs aren't so good. I prefer CSI over Grey's anatomy...

I think some parts of the Bible are meant to be taken literally and others are literally meant to be taken figuratively and that the more we know about the context and the interconnections between the OT and NT(and other early first century 2nd temple judaism) the better...

It's possible that the Dems could blow it by nominating Hill. She does have a lot of the Dems in her favor and Obama and Edwards seem to be splitting the remainder... Hence, my pref for letting voters vote for more than one candidate in primaries....

My pov is that we shd spend less time on presidential elections and more time on pressing for pragmatic alliances among 3rd parties that will adopt a single-issue grass-roots campaign in favor of making our state legislatures unicameral with a hybrid between the majoritian election systems we currently have and the representational systems that are in England/Europe. Such a system wd provide third parties a foot-hold on power and enable those third parties that can appeal to the center to move the main parties to adopt more of their key issues. This, along with house church/cell-group-inspired strategies for political participation, are what I believe are needed to change our political system...


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