Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bead for Life Party

Last night Kristi hosted a Bead for Life Party at our home. Over 20 women attended and bought around $800 worth of beads. Unlike your conventional Pampered Chef Party (or whatever is popular among women), there is no money to be made by a host or staff member.

Bead for Life is a non profit organization supporting women in Uganda. The proceeds from the beads (which are quite beautiful and made from discarded magazines) are split between the home office, craftswomen and development (including micro-enterprise).

You can buy directly from the online store or host an event or party for neighbors, friends or your church. It is a great way to help others and get to know your neighbors (acting missionally). Plus, they will think you are very cool for doing this and getting nothing in return.

It is very easy (you get the beads in the mail, along with African recipes, music and a DVD to show).


Anonymous said...

This sounds awesome!!! I will definitely have to give K. a call to find out more! Hope the summer is going well...Jamie Otts

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