Monday, July 23, 2007

my dirty blog

Considering the lack of time I spend on my blog and reading the blogs of others, I should not be bothering with such time wasters (when time wasters such as Facebook are calling my name). However, I stopped by Steve McCoy's blog* earlier today to get another update on his wife, who is recovering nicely from surgery.

I noticed that he had found out his blog was rated PG, which disappointed him because he wants to write for an adult audience and get a PG-13. Well, according to this engine, my blog is rated R. That is correct. I hardly ever cuss and tackle some political and religious themes and issues. However, I steer clear of many controversial topics (especially sex).

According to the site my rating may have been moved towards the nether reaches due to the inclusion of words such as abortion (3X), death (2X) and my favorite... the word missionary (1X). What a bunch of freaks that made the site. Their heads are so in the gutter that you cannot mention the word "missionary" without them thinking of sex. I bet all of the blogs of Southern Baptists in other nations are banned by NetNannies because they use such a dirty word (which makes me smile a slight bit).

I think I might start using adult language a bit more since talking about anything political or church related gives me an R. See your rating here.

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* read the comments on his blog to see other bloggers complaining about their rating, especially due to dirty words like "missionary"


Mike Murrow said...

i got the R as well, although i had wanted NC 17 since i used masturbation as a metaphor.

Unknown said...

I have no idea what is going on... I am a "G". It almost made me want to quit blogging.