Wednesday, September 26, 2007

one difference between Barak and Hillary

I have made my distaste for Hillary Clinton and desire for the Bush/ Clinton/ Bush/ Clinton elitist form of monarchy to discontinue apparent to my readers. Conservative Columnist Andrew Sullivan, writing for a British Newspaper reminds us how a vote for Hillary is a vote for the Bush legacy and great political divide to continue, while a vote for Barak Obama* is a vote for a different kind of politics (to him... Obama is McCain 2000 with more money, while Hillary is Bush 2000... I have had the contention for a long time).

Read it here
(especially you Hillary Lovers).

* while I am not endorsing the candidacy of Barak Obama (my wife may be), I find him a much more appealing candidate, one that would find much support from Republicans and Independents. In fact, he is polling higher than any other Democrat among Republicans. Why? His rhetoric appeals to the masses, not the elitists of the Democratic Party.

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Anonymous said...

You must not have ever heard of Ron Paul.

DJ Word said...

I am not sure what my knowledge of Ron Paul has to do with the Democratic Primary. Last time I checked.. he was a Republican.