Thursday, September 27, 2007

The War on Christians in Iraq

It should be disconcerting to Christian conservatives supporting the War in Iraq, but the "freedom" brought by America to the region has been very costly to our brothers and sisters in Iraq. I guess they did not get the memo that they should be thankful for the apathy of their fellow believer George W. Bush regarding their plight.

Read here about Iraq's endangered minority (take the time to look at how bad it has gotten for Christians in that nation). Among the greatest sins of the United States and Christian supporters of the War is the lack of concern or action for the plight of these Christians persecuted due to the fiasco we created in Iraq.

At least one Presidential Candidate has stood beside Christians in Iraq (and his name is not Thompson, Huckabee, McCain, Romney- who should know something about religious minorities, Brownback or Clinton). Read here.

BTW, help me find some instances of the RR standing beside the Religious Minorities in Iraq (and standing up for what BO is doing on their behalf).


juniper said...

I could not help commenting on this. My father's family is Christian and from Iraq. They have been there for at least five generations that I can count. Not many are left. Most fled to Jordan three years ago. A church built by my great grandfather has been destroyed. I know it hurts my father to see the reports. I've never been able to visit because of political troubles and wars. I attend a mainline Pentecostal church that is wonderful in many respects. However, on the occasions I've mentioned the demise of Christianity in Iraq (after 2000 years as the Chaldeans would count it), most responses indicate that these aren't REAL christians. I forget how I happened on your blog, but its always entertaining. God bless you and yours.

DJ Word said...

thanks for your response. While I have no Iraqi Christian friends, i have been involved for a long time with Evangelical Christians from Palestine, Egypt and Lebanon.

They have taught me much about the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

It is a shame we treat the parents of our faith with such disregard.