Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rove on Hillary

Rove on Hillary (in Newsweek). He is correct and Democrats would do well to remember this and take it seriously as they prepare for their primaries (it is another reason an Obama nomination would take the wind out of Republican sails)...
The conventional wisdom now is that Hillary Clinton will be the next president. In reality, she's eminently beatable. Her contentious history evokes unpleasant memories. She lacks her husband's political gifts and rejects much of the centrism he championed. The health-care fiasco showed her style and ideology. All of which helps explain why, for a front runner in an open race for the presidency, she has the highest negatives in history.
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Rick, FYI: I nominated you for a subversive blogger award, a new meme.

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I've enjoyed reading the blog the past few years, keep it up.