Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top 50 Albums of the Year, 50-41

50. Stars- In Our Bedroom After the War (a bit of a disappointment from a great pop band, but it has some wonderful songs)

49. The Moonbabies- at the ballroom (kinda like Stars, but a better album)

48. New Ruins- The Sound They Make (Alternative Country Rock with a lot of melancholy and deep rich baritone singer)

47. Menomena- Friend or Foe (big sound with cool instrumentation- for fans of Arcade Fire, but with more testosterone)

46. Derek Webb- the Ringing Bell (would have been higher if it was not so short. It is much better than the overrated Mockingbird. The music and lyrics are not so simplistic. A little more oomph is a welcome change, as is a little more showing us instead of telling us, if that makes sense)

45. Blonde Redhead- 23 (sonically one of the better albums of the year)

44. The Hives- The Black and White Album (possibly the coolest album on the list. I saw them live this year and they blew away the headliner. This is a trippy, obnoxious garage rock masterstroke)

43. Ezra Furman & the Harpoons- Banging Down the Doors (not for everyone, but I loved it. In fact, it should probably higher. This guy is a great songwriter in the Dan Bern mold. Think Violent Femmes meet Dylan and you have Ezra Furman. Find his myspace and hear "I Wanna Be Ignored")

42. Kanye West- Graduation (I need to give this more listens. the critics love it. I like it. There are some great beats on it, but I have liked each album a little less than the one before. Was "Jesus Walks" the best he will ever attain- it was perfect)

41. Ryan Adams- Easy Tiger (not a great album, but a very nice rock and roll record that gets better with each listen)

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