Wednesday, March 26, 2008

free song and other Bill Mallonee/ VOL news

One of my music friends and all time favorite artists is Bill Mallonee, formerly of Vigilantes of Love. Until 10PM tonight you can download his cover of Larry Norman's U.F.O. from his myspace account. I hate downloading from myspace, but it is worth the hassle for a great performance of the classic from the father of CCM.

Find it here.

Also, for a limited time, Bill is trying the Radiohead route with his Bill Tunes site.
You pay what you can for access to his new songs.

Of course, if you want his wonderful Vigilantes of Love albums, you can head over to Vol Sounds and buy them up for cheap! it works for you because it is cheaper than iTunes and works for him because he gets all the money! Albums cost $7.99

If you have never listened to Bill and VOL, shame on you. He is a step below Bob Dylan as a songwriter and a notch about Josh Ritter. He is a profound thinker and lyricist, influential to many of those you love. In fact, Paste Magazine named him one of the 100 Best Songwriters Ever a few years ago. I can give you suggestions, if you want to go deep into the catalog.

A Quick Top 10 of what is available on the site (and I have not heard everything) would be...

1. V.O.L. (for the uninitiated- a greatest hits package)
2. Killing Floor (one of the best Americana albums ever- produced by Mark Heard and Peter
Buck of REM)
3. Welcome to Struggleville (major lable debut with bigger production. Shoulda been huge- lyrics
are his best. Rootsy Rock and Roll)
4. Audible Sigh (I think of Austin, TX when I hear this)
5. Summershine (much poppier and Beatlesque- for VOL)
6. Blister Soul (Raw, Rock and Roll- while still on a major label)
7. Jugular (one young guy and a guitar with lots of faith and a foul mouth)
8. Permafrost (sounds like the old stuff- updated and darkly optimistic)
9. To the Roof of the Sky (a little more country)
10. Slow Dark Train (rock and roll, baby)

All of these are great albums and you cannot go wrong with his live stuff (but I would steer you to the studios first). Even those I have not mentioned (because he is so prolific) like Driving the Nails, Dear Life and Perfumed Letter are very good. Once you listen a bit more, you will love his outtakes (my list of the best could change tomorrow or in 5 minutes)

Also, Bill is touring the nation this year. It is just him and his wife, their guitars and harmonica collection. If you have a good sized living room, a nice basement, access to a coffeeshop, a church fellowship hall or another venue, contact him and bring him to your town. Get close to an artist and support musicians.

For information email or call us at 706-202-0961 and leave a message/

Anyone out there want to back me up on Bill?


mike said...

I couldn't agree more. I don't think a day goes by when I don't listen to one of his tunes.

ER said...

I am another fan. I envy your opportunities to connect with Bill. Truly inspiring, provocative songs that slide across many genres. I would hate to pick a Top 10.