Thursday, March 27, 2008

to fit in (or be cool), I am supposed to like _____ ... but don't



John Lennon

American Beauty

James Taylor



Anchorman (and most WF "comedies")

Jack Bauer

Chris Farley


Warren said...

you don't like the enneagram beacuase you're a type 4, but that's a conversation for another time.

RDF said...

yeah, that bow tie makes farley look fat.

What about the cowbell skit for WF?

kristi said...

wow james taylor actually used to look cool...

mike said...

these seem more like "you will fit in with the metro/hetero-flexable hipster crowd if you like these things."

are they the new cool people? hmm. i guess i should stop mocking them to their faces then i could fit in and be cool as well.

mike said...

but then i would be a deuche so there is that trade off.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

C'mon. Not into JT or LOST? Brother, you need the LORD.

The Misfit Toy said...

interesting, fun to think what my list like that would be.

but you are the cool which transcends gadgets and garments.