Monday, March 31, 2008

things i am not supposed to like...but do*

Range Rover (it is a big hunking SUV a symbol of earth killing and materialism- but what a vehicle)

C.S.I. (not a cool show, like LOST or Heroes)

Birkenstocks- even with socks (so last decade)

Comic Books (some of us never grow up)

Sudden Death (Van Dammes only good flick- one of the best action films ever)

Bill Hybels (I am "emerging" and he is the embodiment of big business corporate Seeker modernity- or is he?)

Rush (you just don't get it- I would have added ELO- but people that don't like them, don't even remotely understand music)

Hanson (listen... without prejudice- they are not teenagers anymore- plus, were you writing pop ditties and playing them at 14 yrs old?)

NBA (Tony Jones just told me, "ugly men playing an ugly game." Yeah, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Kobe and Allen Iverson play "ugly." Shaq is ugly, though)

Pork (ahhhh, pig as meat... perfect)

*these differ from "guilty pleasures." There is no guilt in my heart. I think those of you that don't like these things are lying, snobs, don't get it, letting the words of others cloud your perceptions or haven't tried these things. None of these are embarrassing, just underrated.


Magrey said...

There's some sentiment out there to change the poster child on the NBA logo from Jerry West to Michael Jordan. What a mistake. The game has already become too much about the dunk and the glitz. Fundamentals like dribbling and passing, while unexciting, make this a beautiful, and not "ugly," team sport.

james said...

I have no shame, am not lying, ain't a snob but perhaps don't get it when i say that Hanson sucks and the NBA has no heart and i do not enjoy it.

Rick said...

with regard to Hanson, I will go with this...

...letting the words of others cloud your perceptions or haven't tried these things.

Most people have not heard them since their early days and therefore think they sound the same 10 years later, based upon 2 songs from the mid-90s.

find them online and listen now.

Even if you do not like them, you will be convinced they do not "suck"