Tuesday, April 01, 2008

lots to read

for your perusal;
  • a whole website dedicated to debunking Tony Jones and his new book. Hey Tony, congratulations you have made it. link here
  • everyone's favorite atheist, Christopher Hitchens, thinks this Bosnia flap is a very big deal. According to him, not only does it uncover a history of lies (not misspeaking), but also Senator Clinton's influence in keeping the US from intervening in the Civil War there earlier (it would have distracted the administration from health care reform). He blames her and her husband for thousands of deaths. link here
  • speaking of atheists, Chris Hedges thinks the new atheists are terribly dangerous for everything from "demonizing Muslims to believing we can use science for our own moral advancement." he tells us they are preaching a dangerous new faith in his article from a new book (this is not from a conservative Christian POV, which makes it cooler), link here
  • New York Times blogger and professor of everything, the self described non-foundationalist, Stanley Fish tears those same "New Atheists" a new one for being the very thing they decry (fundamentalists believing in something they cannot see). There are 4 articles. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, link 4.
  • His blog on secularism and liberalism being the same thing is also quite good. Link here
  • Those welfare cheats living at the tax payer's expense and threatening the very values of our nation. Meet the super wealthy. link here
  • N.T. Wright reminds us "heaven is not our home" and that we have gotten the afterlife terribly wrong. link here
  • An experiment towards a more caring economy. The Pentecost Project
  • The story of one war hero ("the face of the war") and the tortured life he is leading upon returning home, forgotten by his government (I am sure the War is "worth it" for guys like him). link here
  • Great article on what goes on in black churches and around the dinner table. link here and read to the end.

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