Thursday, April 03, 2008

overrated movies

top 50 Overrated Films (in some sort of order)
  1. Silence of the Lambs (overacted. for a truly scary Hannibel Lector, watch Manhunter)
  2. Braveheart (like watching a John Eldridge book. not just fake blood, but fake testosterone)
  3. Shakespeare in Love (take a dumb romantic comedy and make it "historical" and win Oscars)
  4. Forrest Gump (if a 5 year old can do the same impression, it is not acting)
  5. Chocolat (take away the "e" and it tastes like vanilla)
  6. American Beauty (ohhh, I am so edgy with my unsubtle satire of suburbia)
  7. Titanic (I cried... because I had to pee and my butt hurt)
  8. Crash (aim high- shoot low and be condescending and obvious)
  9. Chicago (luckily the city is better than the movie)
  10. Brokeback Mountain (see below)
  11. Out of Africa (Typical Oscar-baiting Hollywood pablum about star-crossed lovers)
  12. Philadelphia (lose weight and win an Oscar, be pedantic and tell people its important)
  13. Beautiful Mind (beautiful acting and nothing more)
  14. Scarface ("10" on the unintentional comedy scale)
  15. Ghost (I may throw up just thinking about the clay spinning wheel scene)
  16. Dead Poet's Society (good movie until they kill the kid and make it seem like dad's fault, not Robin Williams')
  17. No Country for Old Men (left me dry and only somewhat impressed- a bit of a letdown for the Coans)*
  18. Napoleon Dynamite (painful. it makes fun of what it claims to admire- reminds me of a sad kid I knew)
  19. Talladega Nights (a few very funny scenes, but not THAT good- yes "baby Jesus" is funny)*
  20. Scent of a Woman (who-ah and win an Oscar for overacting)
  21. Donnie Darko (I don't think I got it, other that Swayze getting his house burned down-but I love giant rabbits)*
  22. Shawshank Redemption (very fine film, but not the BEST MOVIE EVER)*
  23. Being John Malcovich (another fine film, but I expected much more- not that funny)*
  24. Matrix (the 1st one was a good Sci Fi film not the Gospel Retold. Give me a break- the 2nd sucked so much)*
  25. The English Patient (see #10 and #11)
  26. Anchorman (was it a satire, a broad comedy or a romantic comedy? make up your mind)
  27. Million Dollar Baby (not Oscar worthy, but liked it more than most Baptists)*
  28. Austin Powers: the Spy Who Shagged Me (I paid $7 and laughed twice)
  29. Rushmore (2nd worst Wes Anderson film. Definitely not his best film)*
  30. Nightmare on Elm Street (was supposed to be scary, but it wasn't, just gross)
  31. Saving Private Ryan (great execution, but poor story with simplistic message)
  32. Zoolander (my wife will disagree vehemently)
  33. Cars (too long and none of the aura of a Pixar film- but it keeps the kids quiet)
  34. Babel (a couple of good mini films and a couple that stink)*
  35. Passion of The Christ (the best parts had nothing to do with the Bible)
  36. Garden State (very good, but still predictable and unrealistic)*
  37. Ransom (I HATED this movie, on so many levels)
  38. Dirty Dancing (Patrick Swayze is among the worst actors ever)
  39. Tommy Boy (tries too hard to be funny, and fails)
  40. Top Gun (never smart to kill the more interesting character early)
  41. Scream (been there, too many times. Watch Shawn of the Dead instead)
  42. Kids (oooh I am sooo edgy, even if I have no story telling ability)
  43. A Mighty Wind (A mighty bore)
  44. Moulin Rouge (pretty. dumb.)
  45. Billy Madison (it is no Happy Gilmore; that is for sure)
  46. Cast Away (turned it off because it was late. never returned)
  47. Little Miss Sunshine (sweet family film, nothing more)*
  48. Inconvenient Truth (great message. But, it is not a documentary. It is a lecture)*
  49. Jesus Camp (pure caricature)
  50. Far and Away (among the worst movies ever- if 1 person likes it... it is overrated)
*I liked this film


mike said...

i would agree but put my * beside 4,8,16,21,29, 31,36,43,44,46,and 50.

i don't know that all those(in my list) were overrated, most were but i don't think 44 was for example.

it makes me happy to hope that someone will now go and track back what movie corresponds with what number.

james said...

Mike, your picks almost started off like the Lost numbers...

Won't comment much other than to say I totally agree some (especially Beautiful Mind, Chicago, and American Beauty) and less with others. You forgot Gladiator by the way...

You gonna produce a Top 50 list of underrated films?

Rick said...

I had considered Gladiator. However, I actually liked it for what it was (a really good popcorn flick) with a good ending.

I am praying for Mike because he liked Far and Away.

JR said...


Like your picks for the most part, though some are bit obvious. I mean, does anyone even claim to like Titanic anymore? And yeah, Talladega wasn't good, but who ever said it was "THAT good" anyway? The only one I take exception to is Private Ryan. True, the message was simplistic, but it was never intended to be another deep, pretentious, anti-war war movie. It was meant as both an homage to classic WWII films (e.g. A Walk in the Sun) and a tribute to all American WWII GIs. In that sense, I think it was extremely effective.