Thursday, March 06, 2008

political reflections upon the reality that Florida may vote again

I must say that I was disappointed with the results on Tuesday night. Although they barely change the reality of the delegate count, they change the political landscape and the media narrative immensely. Clinton has gotten her mojo and found that negative ads and constant nagging have an effect on the media and general public.

I loved Obama's comment that Clinton had been "working the refs" which was a wonderful metaphor for a guy like me that watches the NBA regularly. Of course, her ref working would have had little effect if Obama's team had been on its game. It was the first time in 2+ months I have seen a chink in the Obama machine. He was trying to stay above the fray while acting like a general election candidate. He ignored or responded poorly to Hillary's sniping, which had an effect.

As one that shares his personality type, I understand where he is coming from on the issue. However, the responses to her attacks could have been quick and decisive, shutting her up and winning the battles without coming across as mean spirited. I hope he learns his lesson.

As we head into overtime and realize that Florida and Michigan are coming into play, I understand that I may have to become involved in the election. I have stated that I like to steer clear of the actual political machine, choosing to lob my RPGs from a safe distance and stay out of the actual fight. I have stated my disdain for party politics and deification of candidates. I do not put bumper stickers on my car or lawn signs in my front yard. I claim independence and my voter registration card tells others this fact. However, I may have to do my part to keep Clinton from winning my state. I will go into the process with eyes wide open, understanding that Obama is not America's savior or a knight in shining armor (neither is the worthy Republican nominee).

I will go in understanding the alternative is not acceptable. To walk into a voting booth in November and choose between Obama and McCain (if one chooses to participate in the process) will leave America in a better place (especially during the months preceding the general election) than Clinton vs. McCain. I wish it did not come to this, but it may.

Wish me luck as I go into a place I loathe.

btw, did you hear McCain's speech upon securing the nomination? excellent. calling the democrats his friends he disagreed with and humbly accepting the responsibility? wow. it is about time. no wonder Limbaugh, Coulter and Hannity hate him.

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