Wednesday, April 09, 2008

it is about time

I will explain in a later posting why this is such a big deal to myself, not just the city of Boston and the Buckner family. I do blame the media and the fans of Boston for scapegoating a borderline Hall of Famer playing on bad knees after the bullpen (the Red Sox Achilles heal) blew up once more.

It was not Buckner that needed to be forgiven. It was the city of Boston, its fans and media that needed to be forgiven by Buckner. But, Buckner needed to have the city celebrate him to move on.

til then, please watch this video (if I had been there I would have been weeping like a baby).

watch him talk about forgiving the media here.


kristi said...

i really think this can be seen as such a powerful example of how important it is to practice forgiveness, and the freedom and healing it can bring--even when it's been a very, very long time.

karin said...

Not that this is hard to believe...but, I was there and I was crying like a baby alongside every other grown male Red Sox fan. It was quite powerful to see how taken he was with the overwhelming reception he received. I don't know if the video you saw included the introduction by Stiglione, but he said something about him always being welcome at Fenway Park.

mycotn said...

Despite my lack of trust in most sports fans and my belief that the nasty, heckling, critic is alive and well in our hearts, this was a really nice moment. Thanks for passing it along. - Grumpy

g13 said...

on the one hand, i thought the buckner moment was beautiful, on the other hand, if there was a similar moment for don denkinger at busch i would shit a glass encrusted brick.

i suspect that you would deem the latter action would be deemed acceptable because denkinger is not a former player and i wouldn't wish horrible things on the denkinger family, such as a rash of ovarian cancer, or anything.