Tuesday, June 03, 2008

note to preachers and politicians

just in case we thought only preachers at Obama's church make fun of candidates...

This priest delivers the invocation at a New York Republican event, attended by Cheney and other luminaries. In it he mocks Obama. My problem with this guy is not political. I have been weary of all the pseudo umbrage both parties and their minions have taken over the rhetoric of a bunch of pastors on both sides, causing people to recant, denounce, renounce and resign over instances that should be protected speech*, no matter how idiotic. Of course, they should use a modicum of sense. It is like the priests want to show each other up, like Olbermann and O'Reilly- with less makeup and hair gel.

However, my issue with this guy is theological. To use a prayer as the time to mock a political candidate is beyond the pale. It is theologically reprehensible and most of my Christian friends on the right wing should be terribly offended, not by the rhetoric... but by the lack of seriousness this guy has for the central form of communication between him and God.

Sheesh, will the preachers just shut their mouths. All of them. Stay away from candidates and microphones, unless you can handle the responsibility. Ann Coulter and ( insert name of whomever the right despises for over-the-top rhetoric) should not be your role models. Neither should Chris Rock. No one wants to listen to what you say about Jesus after such asinine behavior.

And to the politicians... stay away from preachers that want to publicly say nice things about you. Apparently they will cause more trouble for you than they are worth. Their congregation is already going to vote for you, so kindly remind them to keep their distance. If you don't believe me; believe this guy:

*I think preachers should be allowed to make outlandish remarks. Every once in while one of them is true and quite prophetic. However, I understand that the IRS does not want any of them endorsing candidates. Of course, if we follow these guidelines the IRS will be very busy this upcoming year investigating all of these incidents.

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