Sunday, August 03, 2008

on watching sports I don't care about by people I don't know making money for a government I don't respect... because I am an AMERICAN

so many people I know get interested in sports every 2 years, alternating between summer and winter. these people do not like sports usually, but become terribly interested when NBC declares that we must care about relatively minor sports which matter none, beyond a few people because we are AMERICANS.

I must admit that a marketing strategy and latent patriotism do not make me a sports fan. If my college was playing football against the Canadians, I could muster some interest. But, I cannot get motivated to watch somebody (besides my kids) swim... or jump high (and I was on the track team)... or throw heavy objects... or bounce around on a beam... or overpaid stars play one of my favorite sports against people I have never heard of... or run all with the possibility of drug tainting or death by asthma.

Oh yeah, and in a country with a government that is among the worst abusers of human rights in the world, will be responsible for the environmental destruction of our planet if it does not change its ways, makes money off the backs of peasants, jails Christians, and will make billions of money by "cleaning ups its act" for a few weeks in August. Yes, there are a few compelling human interest stories and a great moment or 2 each year, but I can see them on SportsCenter Sunday mornings. I am surely not watching hundreds of hours looking for one.

So, call me unpatriotic, a curmudgeon or stupid. But, there will be little or no Olympics in my house this year.

btw- I do watch some winter olympics, only because i like to see people on small pieces of graphite move at ridiculously high speeds down mountains.


Virgil said...

I second your opinion; having grown up and having spent half of my life in a Communist country, this whole olympics business is a sham. I find it amazing that an entire world is so ready and willing to turn a blind eye to the criminal actions of a country simply because they "host" the games.

Danny said...

I feel you on most of your points. I would add that I think it's good for the attention of the world to be turned to China for a few days. I believe many eyes are being opened to the backwards nature of their government.

China is an amazing place, with a rich history and culture, definitely darkened by several decades of communist propaganda. It's a fascinating place where God is at work in a big way. I returned from my 4th trip to China only days ago. It's a place close to my heart. I'm pulling for China, and I think all this exposure could ultimately help them. Also...I have a Chinese daughter.

Rick said...

I feel your sentiment about the actual country. It is beautiful and rich and among the greatest historical civilizations in our world with a wonderful people.

I changed my wording a bit to let it be known I am speaking of the government which I have no respect for, as opposed to the people and culture of China.

I think a spotlight on Chinese people, land, culture and cuisine will be wonderful. But thinking of the advantage the government will be taking of the exposure does sicken me a bit.

I doubt we will see anything about the great work of God in the nation. The screeners will not have that.

Of course, I still have no interest in most of the sports themselves. Maybe watching windsurfing and sailing in a polluted bay could be fun, though.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

I don't watch sports or the Olympics. At least I'm consistent.


Alex F said...

I agree with you here Rick. The other interesting (and annoying) thing about the way NBC packages this product, is that they cover it and broadcast each event as a big human melodrama rather than sport. That's insulting to the athletes in some way I think. It's drama, not sports.

I also hate all this stuff about medal counts. I guess I'm just not patriotic enough to assume that I MUST root for the American in every event and get my dander up if the Chinese get more medals.

Alex F said...

I also like the winter games better. Speed and danger make them more enjoyable to me too.