Monday, August 04, 2008

Church Gardens

Instead of building extra playgrounds, parking lots and educational space, it is my wish that more churches would follow the lead of Vineyard Boise and plant organic gardens for the community's well being. I met the pastor at a conference on Christian Environmentalism in March and found him truly inspiring.

To use church space as a gift to the community, whether coffee shops, clubs, bars, dog parks, community play spaces or organic gardens is a step a few churches have taken in the past decade, including our former church in Houston. It is amazing how well the surrounding community responds when a church actually acts neighborly and gives itself away.

My dream is to see many more churches using their own extra space for community gardens, or better yet, begin gardens in the open unused spaces of their cities and towns (or buy 2 or 3 acres and start one).

Read the article here.

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