Thursday, September 18, 2008

food, politics and music (links to waste your day)

a few assorted things from the Interweb...
  • Ever try to figure out which eggs to buy at the grocer? Us too. It is among the most confusing set of labels ever. Organic is not always the best, if you like chickens treated humanely. Try finding local egg? Good luck. We have actually traveled 30 miles for the perfect farm fresh egg and will eventually just get darn chickens for the back yard. Our favorites are eggs from a local egg producer that seems to do the right thing (and is not organic). However, we can only get those eggs from one grocer (not Whole Foods). I must say that how the birds are treated is as important to me (if not more) as what they are fed.                                                                                                                                                                Well , New York Times tries to "unscramble" the egg claims. Link (hat tip to Treehugger)
  • What is this election really about? According to Daily Kos, these are things the President should be doing and we should evaluate our current president according to the list and evaluate whom we should vote for according to that list. here is the list (the source of the actual list should be important to conservatives and liberals) .
  • A friend of a close friend in Atlanta made a great documentary on Sacred Harp Music. The right people have shown interest in the project, including John Paul Jones from LZ and some other great artists. They are covering the hymns and a CD is coming out. Check out the news article on Pitchfork.
  • Just in case you thought John McCain was running the sleaziest campaign in history, some historians want to let you know he is not. There have been worse. According to them, nothing this year compares to the Swift Boating of Kerry, The foreignizing of Dukakis, the Anti-Catholic campaigns against Al Smith and the normal mundane 19th Century mudslinging. I guess we should all feel much better that this campaign can get much worse (notice that most really negative campaigns have led to a victory by the mud slinger). Link to story
  • the Moderate Voice, one of my favorite places for political analysis and coverage, has its analysis of McCain's new found negativity. It may be too overarching to fail, but voters must rebel against it and make him pay (not to elect Obama, but to end this type of campaigning- and stop Obama before he begins it). Link to the always excellent Moderate Voice
  • 50 Questions to ask about the Last (almost) 50 Days before the Election. Link
I have some more good stuff I have found, but will leave you with this as I head to a long meeting.

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