Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah is telling the truthy truth

a few days ago, I realized that there is entirely too much of a kerfuffle being made about Palin's continued use of the phrase:

"I told the congress thanks, but no thanks to that bridge to nowhere."

I realized that she is telling the truth (at least the truthiness) and no one is reporting on it (maybe Fox noticed and is reporting this on Hannity, but I don't watch that). You just have to do a little Clintonian sentence diagramming.

Look closely at the phrase. See that comma? what that comma means is "a large passage of time, between the time I supported it and the later time when it became expedient that I oppose it officially." See that "but?" It means "oops, I had better change my mind."

No reread the phrase... "I told the Congress Thanks (true) COMMA (notating passage of many months) but (notating a change in her mind) no Thanks." See, it is all very simple with a little Clintonian parsing. We have truly entered a postmodern phase of politics.


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g13 said...

actually, i think she was inspired by the apostles' creed where jezus' whole ministry is encapsulated in a comma.

"born of the virgin mary, suffered under pontius pilate."

that heinous comma is the whole reason that i am a non-creedal confessor of christ. it's an outrage!!!