Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jon Stewart... now more than ever

If you ever wondered why we need Jon Stewart, especially in the Mean Season we call Election Year, watch this video which compares statements from Rove on Palin's experience vs. Tim Kaine's, Bill O'Reilly on Palin's pregnant daughter vs. the Spear's pregnant daughter and Dick Morris' comments on sexism regarding Palin vs. sexism regarding Clinton. 

Without Stewart I might go completely nuts:

as an aside, I must say I am growing weary of Religious men telling people they are sexist for asking the questions they are about Palin as mom. Richard Land* (on the right) and Jim Wallis (on the left) are 2 Religious pundits and leaders I greatly respect, but to hear men accuse women of sexism is beyond the pale.

Understand, I think that men (such as myself) should not be asking these gender based questions about Palin as VP and mom, her role as a mother, whether women can "have it all" and other such questions. However, I think women (especially moms) should be allowed to ask these questions. In fact, we need women to ask these questions (and teach/ lead us). Luckily, my wife is asking those questions (and risking being called "sexist" by guys).

*as a Southern Baptist, I never thought I would see the day one of its leaders called other people sexist.

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