Thursday, September 04, 2008

SNL for McCain/ Palin

staying up entirely too late to watch Sarah Palin's party ascent and moral descent*, as she teetered between sarcastic attack dog and small town Miss Congeniality (all purposeful), I came to the conclusion that the makers of Saturday Night Live want... no, NEED this election to head in one direction.

While the SNL staff probably skews Democratic, its producer Lorne Michaels is a lifelong Republican. He wants the Republicans to win out of personal conviction. However, this year offers a potential for comedic impressions not realized in many years. Barak can be made fun of, but his character is not particularly funny. Plus, as a black man, caricature is very dangerous. I saw their Obama sketch earlier and it was not funny (plus, the actor played it straight). Biden can be amusing, usually when his mouth is out of control, but in the end he is fairly conventional and will be among the least interesting impressions a comedian can do (unlike the present VP- a dream for comedians).

This brings us to the Republican ticket. Oh what they offer! First of all McCain is ripe for caricature. Heck, any old white guy is. It will be easy and funny. The folksier the better (see Hartman's Reagan/ Hammond's Clinton). And Palin... I can see the women of SNL fighting right now, each trying on a new pair of black horn rimmed Librarian glasses, putting her hair in a bun and carrying a moose head, hunting rifle while pointing incessantly (the mannerisms are easy for Palin- point, a lot) standing at the office door of Lorne Michaels, waiting for her shot.

Of course, I just wish Tina Fey was not busy on 30 Rock. Watching the speech last night, I felt like I was watching a Bizarro episode of 30 Rock, where Fey's Liz Lemon had a brain transfer with Baldwin's Jack Donaghy. It was awesome. Pure comic gold (it was stand up, wasn't it?). Funnier than anything from the summer's reality shows.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

*I think anyone that runs for high office and plays the party game is selling their soul. usually it takes more than 1 week though. 


Brandon said...

That's hilarious. It's one of the first things I said when I saw her - that Tina Fey would be busy on SNL. The resemblance is very strong.

Chus said...

Here's the video! Not deleted!: SNL Palin