Sunday, October 26, 2008

frightened of Obama?

more election fun found online or from friends on facebook

first, from Brandon comes this.... why is Obama winning? because he is practicing mind control and group hypnosis. Only the righteous can stop him from this. At least we know why mcCain/ Palin are losing. 

from Focus on the Family's CitizenLink comes this "chilling look at an Obama Presidency." Make sure you click on the pdf for the letter in all its glory. Among the things that could happen:

An analysis by Focus on the Family Action shows it would not be a pretty picture:

Far-left liberals could hold a 6-3 majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

The nation's highest court could rule same-sex "marriage" is a constitutional right — in all 50 states.

Preaching from the Bible could be banned from radio and television.

States may not be able to restrict abortion, and taxpayers could be forced to fund abortions.

In several states, it could be illegal to own a gun.

Think it can't happen?

I wish they would focus on the really scary possibilities during an Obama Presidency including; dogs and cats living together, the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man attacking NYC and Rush Limbaugh's head exploding. Give me the scary things you think will happen during an Obama presidency (and McCain, like that would happen).

by the way I am voting today (Monday).


Mike Murrow said...

god i just don't get what the fuck is wrong with same sex marriage. honestly. i am yet to hear a coherent logical reasonable argument.

i think it is jut bigoted.

wow, 3 of those things in that list i would support.

a fourth i am sympathetic to.

and one it so far fetched as to be laughable.

Mike Murrow said...

also, in regard to Pope Dobson... what the frick does jesus have to do with gun ownership rights?