Monday, October 27, 2008

proven prognostication... 4 years later

On Nov 8, 2004, in an attempt to get more traffic on my blog and to prove the point that those with high profiles in Emergent were not a monolithic group of Democrats I posted Emergent Election gossip in which I imagined a scenario in which I had gotten hold of the voting records for many of Emergent's leaders. It was affirmed by many that I had gotten it right. However, until now I felt my riskiest guess was Tim Keel of Jacob's Well in KC. 

In his latest post, admitting his love of most things Obama, he admits to voting for Bush in 2004. With that confirmed, I think I may have hit 100%. Of course, this time around it is simpler. Aside from Rudy C, I am guessing 100% Obama levers pulled (except by those not voting because they read Shane and Chris' book).

Here is the old post. Here is Tim's admission.

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mark said...

i voted for w.. sorry... on more than one front.