Thursday, October 16, 2008

What to Do Tonight (a media heavy diet)

Unlike most nights when there are little media choices to distract us, tonight offers a conundrum.

I have TiVo, but can only record one thing while recording/watching another. Plus, there is an offering outside of our house. What should I do?

  1. Art*Music*Justice tour in Tampa. Derek Webb, Charlie Peacock and others I don't care one way or another about will be singing and raising money for International Justice Mission. It begins at 7PM and costs $20 at the door (plus there are 5 artists involved and a babysitter is needed). In theory this is the best option, but the associated stakes are a bit too high.
  2. We still TiVo CSI- We have been with it since the beginning. However, due to the advent of other shows and the loss of major characters, we have tentatively decided to forgo watching this show. It is still an option though. It begins at 9PM.
  3. Our regular Thursday night lineup includes My Name is Earl and The Office. It is a non-negotiable that this will be watched. We are just not sure it will be watched tonight. It begins at 8PM and there are a couple of lesser quality shows in the midst.
  4. Thursday night college football on ESPN features by Alma Mater, Florida State against NC State. FSU, while still not at its recent glory is better than most assumed. It would be nice to see them go 5-1. This begins at 7:30PM.
  5. Lastly, in what may be the trump card for all other evening events (if Kristi approves), The Rays can clinch an improbable journey from worst record in baseball to World Series favorites tonight against the Red Sox, whom I used to care more deeply for than today (thanks obnoxious band of fans with entitlement issues and Coco Crisp). The Rays celebration hopefully begins at 8:07PM.
What would you do?

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mycotn said...

I will be asleep by 8:45. Wish Kim and I lived close enough to babysit for free (though a sleeping babysitter isn't exactly the best option). I think you should buy a bottle of wine and talk deep into the night with Kristi (while checking intermittently on the Rays).