Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Policy Soundtrack

In an effort to get the hours in before a quick trip out of town (and not have to take PTO), I have been getting up early in the morning, arriving at the office before 7AM and leaving late. As I do that, I am bringing breakfast to eat at work and drinking coffee, which I never do (I even bring my own 1/2 and 1/2 because I would not get caught dead drinking coffeemate)... generating caffeine buzzes and crashes (not something I am used to) and energy for writing policy, guidelines and proposals. Since writing policy, guidelines and proposals is not my natural state of being, I have found certain tunage fuels the process, along with aforementioned caffeine.
Here are some good albums I am using for inspiration as I write policy and procedures and other such documents:

Charles Mingus

Brian Wilson

Bon Iver

Max Richter
The Blue Notebooks (my writing fave)


joshua said...
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joshua said...

that mingus is one of my favorite jazz albums...

and if you can get your hands on an original version of 'surf's up' that's just brian and a piano, its a hundred times better than the polished up version on that smile record.