Monday, October 13, 2008

Modern Lepers

For a while those with AIDS were the Lepers of our society. However, they have recently been joined by Muslims. 

I was reading an op-ed on the Muslim vote in the Sunday paper. A young Muslim man referred to Muslims as "the lepers of American society," which was a fascinating read on their view of self. In some respects both AIDS victims and Muslims can justify the term, as can others (I am sure). I want to scour the Internet for other references to modern day lepers, but will not right now.

Any thoughts? Who else would consider themselves modern lepers (of course, there are still lepers in parts of the world- so they should still be able to call themselves lepers)?*

* I am assuming knowledge of the term and will not give background into the Biblical understanding and usage, as well as modern references, such as victims of AIDS.

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