Thursday, October 09, 2008

impressive leadership (and lack of meetings)

You, like me, might tire of the latest "leadership" technique, book or method; with people telling you about John Maxwell's latest 23.4 Rules, Laws, Guidelines or secrets. However, every once in a while a story comes along that is worth reading because it exemplifies good leadership... knowledge of self, knowledge of team, intuition, wisdom and timing. 

Joe Maddon the very impressive manager of the future World Series Champion Tampa Bay Rays (hopefully this year) has had only 3 meetings this year with players. He is known as the easiest going manager in baseball with few rules and very little temper. When younger, he would have countless meetings until he realized no one listened. So, he decided to have Team Meetings only when needed, which is 3... in a year.

His first was before Spring training got going (February 20). His second was after losing 7 in a row (and in the outfield- and not yelling). His last meeting was after a road victory as the Rays were up by 1 in late July. He lit into the team for lack of effort and tore them a new one.

Then... no more meetings. Impressive to me.

Here is the story on the (hopefully) Manager of the Year.

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