Monday, November 03, 2008

7 Year Old Politics

our daughter, not yet 7 and very concerned about the election (ah, the wonders of living in a swing state) asked us yesterday at lunch who God would vote for, if God were to come down to earth and vote in the Presidential election. A politically savvy child, she is concerned on a number of fronts. 

First of all, she wants to please God. Secondly, she has her opinions (some from brainwashing, many on her own- she is her own woman) and has been vocal in her support for a particular candidate (she is processing Obama's desire for change in light of God's creation of the world). Thirdly, and most importantly, she saw a picture of her Aunt's home with the yard sign of the other candidate. This has led to soul searching and rationalization (why would they support the other candidate?). She thinks that, if God wants us to vote for a particular candidate, then maybe her Aunt would also vote for that candidate.

Very astute for a 7 year old. Of course, when you are 50 and still making choices with that level of discernment, you may need to grow up. Here is the entire conversation from Kristi's blog.

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