Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the REAL BArack Obama

a number of haters (including some friends of mine) have told us that we do not KNOW the REAL Barack Obama. We will get to know him when he takes office and removes his nice Christian American mask. Well, friends, here are some things that have been revealed about our President Elect by the foreign press.

The shocking (and true) revelations include a connection to an Muslim with Anti-American and Anti-War sentiments in the past (#8), his connection to bombings (#2), connections to witches and Satanists (#7), his elitist and anti-American choice (#9), his connection to Big Tobacco and lies to his wife (#16), his lack of interest in American politics (#14), more Muslim (or Mormon) revelations (#29), his lack of support for African American youth (#33), his addiction to a crack-like substance (#37) and his San Fran elitism (#38) among other revelations. Let Talk Radio get a hold of this and do some real reporting and exposes.

you were warned!


cade said...

eye opening. thanks, rick.

g13 said...

i'd rather him be a muslim than a mormon.

for the record.

james said...

damn smoker.