Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ways to support families with support of next president

From everything I understand about our incoming president, he cares deeply for families. As a Christian that is agreement with the emphasis he puts upon families I am glad for the new emphasis. Even, "Family Values" voters that disagree with Obama on a number of issues can find ways to support him and his administration's family values in a number of ways.

This article explains the ways everyone can support our families by supporting our new president on a number of fronts that help all families. Here is the list (but read the entire thing):
  1. Personal and Family Responsibility. (We must all own our responsibility and power to care for each other and create the positive changes we want for our own family, friends and neighbors).
  2.  Family and Future Mindfulness. (Family must be our cause, and we must think about families with the future in mind).
  3. Multicultural Respect.
  4. Sustainable Lifestyles
  5. Community Involvement.
We may disagree in how we accomplish these tasks, but we will be better off if we take them seriously.. all of us.

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