Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gaza Reporting

I am in the midst of a slightly longer post on the situation in Gaza, focusing on the something more personal than the common post on this subject. However, as I watched NBC News last night (yes, I still watch network news), something struck me, confirming the bias in American media that no one talks about... in the attempt to be fair and balanced, our news media makes sure that the suffering seems the same on both sides (of course, if Israel were suffering like Gaza, this would not be the case). We are in the pocket of Israel so we do not do honest reporting. If anyone strays from the party line on the subject, they are ostracized and accused of everything from terrorist support to lack of patriotism.

On the report last night, they focused on 2 Palestinian girls killed on their way to school and an Israeli woman killed taking out the trash (I believe that is the detail). They did not tell how many civilians had been killed on both sides, but made it seem like the casualties were equal.

The official toll tells us this:

Civilian Palestinian deaths- at least 64 (according to UN)
Civilian Israeli deaths- 3

all tragic, but not equal. 

By the way, an Israeli court is forcing Israel to allow reporters into Gaza to give us the whole story, not just government propaganda.

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kristi said...

i really honestly was so ignorant about this before you started pointing it out to me. it's really scary to me how unless i work to dig through the bias it goes right by me.