Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Top 10 of links for the day

since everything has been in list form on this blog for a while, here are 10 good links for the day to waste your time:
  1. a good list of some "awards" for the worst in journalism in 2008. 
  2. The recession is sending people to church, but only Evangelical churches.
  3. Sean Hannity, the worst, most useless, dumbest talking head on television (one that has no points to make beyond those handed to him by the RNC- BTW, Rush Limbaugh thinks lowly of him) is named Misinformer of the Year.
  4. No surprise here and I am sure TLW will come out with their own "facts" but virginity pledges don't really work, according to a study (I could have told you this while a Youth Minister 10+ years ago).
  5. a foreign policy and news Year End List.
  6. A list of 10 Ways Tampa can catch up to Culinary trends throughout the rest of the big cities. Interestingly, I have thought about or complained publically (usually to my wife) about 7 of these (not including #4, #6 or #7).
  7. New York Times list of Buzz Words of 2008 (thanks to MarkO for the link). My favorite is "Nuke the Fridge." The word of the year should be (according to David Plotz at Slate) Temperament. I would agree. Thank God the word MEME was not on the list.
  8. Poop Freeze, to clean up dog poop. 
  9. Rick Warren has horrible taste in music, but seems like a nice guy. Mother Jones reports on a meeting of the minds between Warren and Melissa Ethridge (the female Creed). Sorry this one is old and snarky.
  10. As you may know, I was a Youth Pastor during my years in Richmond, VA. I was also a concert promoter with some friends. One of those friends has done something great. He and some investors bought and renovated a 1923 Vaudeville Theater to make what will be one of the top music venues in America. I visited it while on Christmas break. It is amazing. Check it out


kristi said...

good list! that poop freeze thing is gross, though.

jjisdynomite said...

One of your Richmond concert-promoter friends has gone on to do something great. The other one? He sucks.

DJ Word said...

Are you saying Todd sucks? That is so mean...

I would say that doing what you love and making a living in radio without having to put on a suit every day counts as a very good life. I would also say the same about Todd and his career.

As for me, I am the one doing something I don't love to make money.

As for Brad... that theater is amazing and I am a little sad I don't live there to take advantage of our friendship.

Thanks for posting and sorry for the comment above regarding Hannity. At least I was in agreement with Rush.