Friday, January 16, 2009

Deals of the Day

Here are some of my music picks of the day, from Amazon's mp3 store.

DealS of the Day for $1.99

1) REM's Automatic for People for $1.99. What? A perfect album that anyone with any sense or understanding of music already owns? If you don't own this, just buy it so no one that understands music will make fun of you. Because, if you do not own this album you should be made fun of, unless you are one of the American Idol, Jonas Brothers, Disney people... and then you should be made fun of for a number of other reasons and this REM album will sound really weird to you (unless you are under 10- but if that is the case, you don't read this blog anyway). But, you should buy it anyway just to get a little street cred and to understand why all musicians should embrace their musical heritage and bow down to the traditions that came before us.

The craziest thing? This is not even their best album. 

2) Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left for $1.99. While it is not his best album (Bryter Layter is), it is a good step for those that already have his greatest hits package (and if you don't I must say, "really, get off you butt and buy it") as they delve deeper into his catalog and a deal for anyone that wants to know where Iron and Wine, Bon Iver and every other mellow atmospheric guy with a guitar gets their shtick. Like Jeff Buckley and Elliot Smith, 2 of his followers, he left us too early.

For only $5.00
Slumbog Millionaire Soundtrack- intro to the Bollywood sound + the irrepressible M.I.A. (2 weeks in row recommending something of hers). Kala, her album from last year is still $6.99.

For $6.99 you can get REM's Green (their 4th or 5th best album) and Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run (his 1st or 2nd best album). And if you have absolutely no taste in music there is a Journey album there also.

For $7.99
Remind Me in 3 Days... by The Knux (best rap album from last year, New Orleans combo of OutKast, Cypress Hill and The Chemical Brothers)

plus Muse's overblown, but great last album, Guns and Roses greatest Hits, Zeppelin IV and Nirvana are also $7.99


Mike Stavlund said...

Thanks, Rick. I'm loving this little regular feature. Though if you keep it up, I'm not going to have any money to take you to dinner next time you're in DC.

DJ Word said...

Next time I am up, we will have to go out. Just buy nothing at full price and you will be safe.