Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent reposting

as we begin Lent, here is a re-post of what Bono is giving up for Lent:

1. Wild Horse Riding
2. Getting stuck in moments he is unable to get out of
3. Running to a stand still
4. Finding what he is looking for
5. Holding me, Thrilling me, Kissing me, Killing me
6. Looking for Nameless Streets
7. His desire
8. Making it on his own
9. Waking up dead men
10. Walking on


Here are my original lists of the Easiest things to give up for Lent (including listening to parental advice and dog fighting), the things no one ants you to give up for lent (including showers, reading their blog and following street signs) and the least popular things to give up for Lent (including water, clothes, sex, talking and looking at those magazines in the checkout counter).

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