Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Emergent Idol- those not in the Top 10, but deserving of designation

Here are some of the contenders for Official band of Emergent that did not make the final cut, but are great bands, along with their official designation (all bands will have an official designation for your pleasure and usage in future conversations about the band).

Here are those that did not make my final Top 10:

Cold War Kids- the official band of Christian college kids that embraced Emergent ideals but don’t want to talk about spirituality in the context of their new job as they are moving up the ladder. The are the kids we all want in our church even if we say we want the other guys more.

Johnny Cash- The Supportive grandfather of Emergent and modern Christian spirituality

Beastie Boys- Emergent’s cool Jewish friend

Weezer- Emergent's snarky Buddhist college roommate that kept dropping out of school

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- The official band of Liberal but muscular Christianity that everyone thinks is destroying Emergent. He would make Mark Driscoll squirm in a street fight/ debate, even if does not believe in an interventionist God.

Jenny Lewis (and Rilo Kiley)- the official band of emerging Atheism (the humbler, more agnostic flavor)

The Mountain Goats and The Decemberists- the smart college friend from literature classes that never embraced faith, but we want to be associated with. Their older brother was Pavement. Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes are the younger brother. The Replacements was their dad. The Hold Steady is their drunken cousin. Emergent really wants these guys on board while the rest of the church holds no interest.

Wilco- The official band of postmodern country folks (I know I should have done much better)

Ryan Adams- who many of Emergent's critics see when they look at Emergent, if they are being nice

Ben Harper- The Official band of InclusivEmergent and open ended spirituality. He gets invited to Emergent events, but worries the outsiders. He is one of the reasons they keep starting new bands, even if they like listening to him behind the scenes.

Peter Himmelman- The Jewish Uncle from Minneapolis Emergent had, but never found out about. They should really get to know him, especially his early stuff.

Waterdeep- Emergent’s House Band

The Cobalt Season- Emergent’s Son

Zach Lind- the ?uestlove of Emergent

some of these are inside jokes or obscure references. Please ask and I will explain anything.


Anonymous said...

You added Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst which makes me happy. One more band that needs added is Neutral Milk Hotel. Also, Don C. and some other guys I go to church with are doing some fun stuff with Krusty Brothers.

g13 said...

actually, i think that john darnielle of the mountain goats is/was a christian. i seem to remember something about him being kicked out of a christian reggae band at some point. i can't find the reference now though.

should we add wesley willis to the list?

DJ Word said...

Had not heard that about Darnielle. Maybe he could start a band of guys that got kicked out of Christian bands with Ben Folds.

Willis? Drunk Frat boys would come.

I don't know much about the Khrustys. I will look them up.

As for NMH, I breifly considered them, but due to the fact that they disappeared I think I forgot about considering them. I guess I could make them the official band of great young emerging church pators that start of brilliant and leave it all behind because they are sick of the game.

Would that be a good designation?

Zach Lind said...

I've been compared to much worse.

DJ Word said...

Zach- thanks for stopping by. Of course, I meant it as the ultimate compliment.