Tuesday, July 07, 2009

thoughts on multiple subjects

because people know I have an opinion on pretty much everything and it is usually a little different from the opinion of others, I am usually asked what I think about things, especially those things I don't blog about.

So, in an effort to share all those thoughts and opinions at once, here it is:

Michael Jackson's death- Off the Wall was a superior album to Thriller and Bad. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough was his best song. I am glad Bubbles the monkey is okay. And, I am really glad I am not in Los Angeles today.

Farrah's death- I feel old.

Billy Mays- Don't trust a product on television he was not hawking. In other words, no matter what- the Snuggie is not a good product. If it was, there would be footage of Mays wearing one.

Andy Roddick- you won my Wimbledon, friend. Plus, as Bill Simmons said... you are worth $50 million and are married to a swimsuit model. Buck up, little camper.

The Southern Baptist kerfuffles surrounding their convention, etc.- Oh, you guys still around?

Sarah Palin- if this whole thing is about making mad cash while you are the most marketable since you have lots of kids and a baby with severe needs that will cost lots of money, Go for it. I respect that, more than you can imagine. If you want to be the Conservative Oprah, good for you. Milk that cash cow until it is dry. You would be a welcome respite on television from the crazy Republican babes Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. You may not be as smart, but you have accomplished something beyond being a mouth in a dress. If this is about positioning yourself to run for president, please give it a rest.

Mark Sanford- follow your priest's advice, go into a more silent mode. And a note to all politicians, just because Clinton had multiple affairs and became President, does not make this a template to be followed.

The latest Wilco album- "a sonic shoulder to cry on" as the song says. Much better than the last album (okay, that is not hard).

The latest Moby album- Nice. Seriously. I had written you off.

The latest Regina Spektor album- my kids love it and it continues to grow on me. I think you need to buy this one.

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Anonymous said...

nice little run of random thoughts i like it but you need to listen to sky blue sky more. It is a great album. Impossible Germany the guitar work at the end amazing. Seeds super You are my face love the intro and the middle and end. Hate it hear simple profound lyrically. Love the transition on the album to being content and happy. The new album is good and growing on me daily but don't dis Sky.