Thursday, July 29, 2010

3rd Album Theory (part 3, negative proof)

These artists proved they are not great upon release of #3 (so many of these bands had great 2nd albums). Many of these artists are very good, kinda like an NBA All Star that will never make the HOF-some just never lived up to their potential (Bosh, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady):

Coldplay- X & Y

System of a Down- Mesmerize (or Steal this Album depending which you thing is the really #3. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. Both are mediocre.)

The Cure- Faith (let the hateful comments commence. I don’t want them here, but the formula demands their inclusion here)

James Taylor- One Man Dog (told you so)

Blitzen Trapper- Destroyer of the Void (after their 2nd album, I had high hopes)

Oasis- Be Here Now

Kanye West- Graduation (I am of the belief that he started with perfection and each album has been not as good as the preceding album)

Weezer- The Green Album (very good, but not after Pinkerton)

Lynyrd Skynyrd- Nuthin’ Fancy (this one hurts to put here)

Van Halen- Women and Children First

ABBA- ABBA (after reaching the heights of Waterloo on #2 and never again attaining it)

Eagles- On the Border

The Cars- Panorama (talk about a band peaking early- one of the best debut albums ever. Inclusion of the Cars hurts immensely)

The Cranberries- To the Faithful Departed

Duran Duran- Seven and the Ragged Tiger

The Gaslight Anthem- American Slang (decent album, but I had high hopes)

Kings of Leon- Because the Times

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Michael said...

Blew me away when I realized The Cars never had a number one song. Think about that - Let's Go, Just What I needed and even Who's Gonna Drive You Home were not chart toppers