Monday, February 13, 2006

beating a dead planet

Sorry to overload you on the environment lately, but here is a bit more.

A comprehensive attack on Christian environmentalists and signers of the Global Warming Initiative comes from Paul Dean a commentator for Crosswalk who seems to believe that global warming is just a myth perpetrated by the liberal environmentalists. I believe meteorologist and Christian Sir John Houghton, the man who popularized global warming would find this surprising (and disingenuous). Click here or here for more info on Sir John and his teachings.

The men he chooses to quote to disprove global warming are Libertarian and Conservative think tankers and theology professors, all with agendas contrary to Hougton's form of environmental responsibility, who see science through a lens that furthers that agenda, whether theological or political (how postmodern).

Dean also quotes Richard Land, the SBC's celebrity ethicist who tells us why he would not sign the document calling for people to do their part to protect this earth God has made us stewards of...

"It would be unethical and irresponsible for me to sign such a statement giving the impression that there is a consensus among Southern Baptists on this issue when there is clearly not one. We will continue to foster discussion and debate on issues such as global warming and Christians' responsibility for the stewardship of the environment and the best ways to address our energy needs in the future. But until and when a consensus develops among Southern Baptists, it
would be a disservice to Southern Baptists to give the impression that such a consensus existed."

The irony here is that the Southern Baptist's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission has always taken a stand on issues Southern Baptists do not have a consensus on and signed onto documents many disagree with. Since when is consensus more important than taking a stand on an important issue? Like the torture issue, it is an consensus issue when you want to please the President of the United States or pander to your denomination's hard right. This organization has continuously championed issues it finds important, whether or not there is consensus and takes republicans to task, as long as it is from the perceived Right-Wing (never from the perceived Left).

There is no consensus among Baptists on issues such as Church-State separation, School Prayer, displays of the 10 Commandments, The War in Iraq and partisan support for the president or public school support, or even divorce and remarriage, yet they have taken stands or informed their constituents in the manner they see fit.

I wish I could call it something else, but this is hypocrisy and much more agenda driven than those choosing to look at science which does not necessarily fit their political agenda (signers of the Initiative).


Steve said...

Good post Rick. So let me get this straight - Richard Land refused to sign the Initiative based on a lack of consensus. But then, without a consensus signed on to a letter opposing the initiative? What kind of ethics is that?

Mike said...

you know, i can usually get my head around how the christian right got united to some of its stranger bed fellows, but this deal with rejecting so vehemently even the idea of global warming escapes me.

i can only guess that it has to do with alegence to Republican politics.

kidpositive said...

i can only guess that it has to do with allegiance to dumb-assed-ness. HA!

james said...

Good post Rick. Thanks for posting the repetitive goods on environmentalism. This guy here really appreciates it.

Rick said...

such events as a crippling blizzard would not be of surprise to those beliving in global warming. From my limited understanding, the phenomena is causing extremes at both ends of the spectrum.