Thursday, February 16, 2006


Just in case you do not have plans for late March, I thought you may be interested in this wonderfully wholesome, positive and love-filled event. You can join Theocrats (or Christocrats) such as Senators Sam Brownback and John Cornyn, professional ethicist Tom DeLay, the honey lipped-talk show host Janet Parshall, noted pancake flipper Gary Bauer and assorted other dignitaries.

It is sponsored by Vision America, home to the Patriot Pastors committed to restoring America's original vision (which will make all Natives and blacks particularly happy) through mobilizing Pastors to win the War on Christianity. This year they aim to stop activist judges (only leftist activist judges or ALL activist judges?).

I wonder if they blocked the porn channels from the hotel used for the event?


Mike DeVries said...

Is it Christmas already? Don't these people have anything else better to do?

Mike said...

i read that article in RS and then i heard an interview of BB on NPR and found it hard to see where one would think of him as a theocrat. i think the RS article was a bit slanted (as most of their articles are).

i am not a BB fan and probably won't vote for him but there is something to be said for accuracy you know?

anyway, i am not so much scared of the group you point out in your post as i am embarrassed

james said...

'Bout time someone took a stand for my persecuted faith here in America. I was beginning to think this national gay aganda was about to bring down the whole of Christendom.

DLW said...

It might be worth showing up just to cause trouble.

I'd want to do that by sharing anecdotes about the truly persecuted church in the 2/3rds world.

I'd want to bring up alternative policy goals/strategies that would prevent risky-behaviors/unwanted pregnancies/abortions and strengthen families and reduce Hollywood/Entertainment Industry's ability to hurt family values.

There really is a need to stand in the gap and prevent the inflammation of the cultural wars.

Daedalus said...

I heard that there is a lion feeding over at RFK Stadium next week...them there Christians(TM) are so persecuted an' all.