Friday, May 19, 2006

Pray for Dustin

I usually don't use my blog for such requests, Please pray for my friend Dustin.

He has a condition I have seen multiple times, but not in people with good taste in music. You see, Dustin suffers from a combination of blockbuster acceptance disorder (SAD) and tastlessness in film. The strange thing about his condition is that he has a strong critical eye for books and music. Seldom do you see a person in his predicament.

Today he was among the early crowd for the Da Vinci Code and last week he saw the Poseidon Adventure on opening night (yes, opening night)- and loved it no less. These symptoms could be scoffed off as a case of Summer Movie Syndrome, but he also hated King Kong (an amazing film for a blockbuster), loves Anchorman and "anything with Will Ferrell."

Please pray for Dustin. Read his incredibly sad blog here.


jon said...

low rick... just low. And by the way, I saw a LATE showing of DaVinci tonight and well, let's just say between going out and watching a tom hanks run around Europe on a treasure hunt and staying home watching Comedy Central, it was pretty entertaining.

Rick said...

I will take Comedy central reruns of Stand up any night when choosing between that and an overblown, pompous, miscast, retread of a tired story.

BTW, I was watching the NBA playoffs. True Drama.

cade said...

that's on TNT, right?

well, they DO know drama.