Tuesday, August 29, 2006

my dysfunctional and codependent relationship

I feel as if I am in a seriously dysfunctional codependent relationship with an athletic team. The Cardinals this year keep treating me like the girl I am too connected to for a clean break up, yet I keep hoping she will go away so I can start off fresh next year with a better girlfriend.

But, every time I think the relationship is over, she comes back and does something wonderful. Then I get excited and she dumps all over me once more.

I just wish the Cardinals would fade into the oblivion of mediocrity for the season and leave me alone. I could focus on college football (and my other seriously flawed relationship with the Seminoles- who I stay with hoping to recreate the magic we had a few years back, but we really need to part way and admit the magic is gone) and work. I could get up in the morning and not obsessively look at box scores on ESPN (if I had not stayed up late the night before to do this).

But, no!

Every time I see a 3-6 game losing streak and the Reds sneak into a tie for First, something happens. The Cards play out of their minds for a few days and Cincy collapses, putting the Cards up by 3 once more.


This is the single most frustrating baseball season I remember in quite some years (add to it my baseball mistress, the Red Sox and their collapse).


Mike said...

imagine how cade must feel about the Royals.

if the cards treat you like "the girl I am too connected to for a clean break up, yet I keep hoping she will go away so I can start off fresh next year with a better girlfriend."

then what does that make the royals to cade.

i fully gave up on the royals. well not fully. we are separated and seeing other people. i am seeing the Giants and they are seeing - well what ever it is you see when you are in last place.

cade said...

48-85. not even so much as a whiff of the playoffs in 21 years.

it's not a relationship. it's a joke.

i root for the jersey and not the players...which is good 'cause i don't know any of the players left on the "team."

is it november yet?

L-Mac said...

This is an email I sent the other day:
[I was perusing the Nationals website today and noticed that this coming Monday, Sept. 4th, there is a 1:00 game vs. the Cardinals. Now, as most everyone knows, I may have made a terrible mistake in giving myself to the Nationals, but, like any good abusive relationship, I keep crawling back. So anyone who wants to enable me, is welcome to join for a celebration of labor in lieu of work. There is also a Sunday game at 1PM that I could be convinced to attend. Tickets are $3 (there are perks to this, aka he really does love me), so I almost just bought 5 tickets and then offered them up, but I thought I might end up leaving someone out, etc., so, let me know within a few days if you are interested and if you know others that I neglected that want a piece of the action. I don't want my special section 532 tickets to sell out.

Hope to hear from some of you,
Linda "I was saving myself for the right time" McGreevy]

You're not the only one. Someone should write a book on this phenomenon.

g13 said...

they suck and we are suckers for believing that an ownership with george w. bush could ever produce a winner. i hope dewitt and co enjoy "baseball heaven" on earth, because they've got a lifetime in the hottest hell awaiting them.