Friday, January 05, 2007

My Top 10 Films of the Year (with some added highlights)

I will eventually review each film individually, but be patient. I have wasted enough time today

Although I am yet to see possible great films such as United 93 (I blogged on this- I will eventually see it, if only because the director is brilliant and I know it is good. I am just not ready), Vovler (not in Tampa yet), Dreamgirls (eventually), Apocalypto (aversion to extreme violence and gore- and we know Mel likes the gore) or Letters from Iwo Jima (not out in Tampa), I have seen a number of fine films this year and feel I have a good handle on the best films of the year (this was a very good year).

So, here it goes...

just missed- Borat

10. Thank You for Smoking
9. Akeelah and the Bee
8. The Illusionist
7. Stranger than Fiction
6. The Prestige
5. The Proposition
4. Little Miss Sunshine
3. V for Vendetta
2. Flags of Our Fathers
1. The Departed

Best Animated Film: Over the Hedge
Documentary of the Year: Inconvenient Truth
Song of the Year: I'm Shipping Up to Boston by the Dropkick Murpheys (from The Departed)

honorable mention (2005 films I had not seen in time for last year's list. I saw them this year, and would have added them to this list or last year's):
1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2. Thumbsucker


Steve said...

I haven't seen enough movies to make a list of my own this year, but I totally agree on The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine. Excellent movies.

Steve McCoy

Bob Robinson said...

I was totally unimpressed with The Departed, even though it was the darling of all the Film Reviewers.

My question is this:
If this is such a great film, then why is the great resolution and climax of the film not an intriguing story of how one of the protagonists out-smarts the other?

No, that would take too much writing ability.

Let's just have everybody shoot each other and end the film.

jel said...

United 93 was excellent... restraint perfectly forming tension to a climactic, of course predicatable, ending. however, the tension is so good, the film makes you believe that just maybe history was wrong, and the heroes really do get the bad guys in the end.

Jesus Camp was interesting, i don't know if that came through tampa...