Thursday, July 05, 2007

where have I been?

So, here is the latest excuse for not blogging...

I have all of the ideas I keep writing down to blog about, but none of them are particularly simple postings. I keep losing steam due to busyness I am trying to remedy (mostly by organizing according to getting things done, which I have always said I would).

The youth ministry gig takes a decent amount of time, but I enjoy it. Plus, I have been trying to take care of much more around the house due to the rambunctiousness of our children and Kristi's final month of pregnancy (I have come to realize that we have Lucy from Peanuts for a daughter and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs for a son).

However, the thing that has taken most of my time and energy (and kept me from the job search) is the departure of the pastor from the church our family has attended the past 21 months. Due to my friendship with him and a de facto leadership position, much of the transitional stuff has come into my lap.

It has taken up much more time than I would expect but it is more important than my blog and even the job search. I am hoping that things calm down pretty soon and we find our rhythm as a family and community in the near future.

I will attempt to blog a bit more now that I am getting things done and hope to grace the blogosphere with my thoughts on the film Sicko, great new music and much more. In the meantime, please pray for the leadership and future at Watermark Church in Tampa and our former pastor and his family.

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