Thursday, January 17, 2008

Family Top 10

Although some of these albums are a couple of years old, these were the top players in our house or car when the entire family was together. We do not listen to much traditional "Kid" music, but try to be careful with the lyrical content of the selections. Hence, Green Day (a favorite of our son) takes a lot of censoring of the car stereo, as does Rilo Kiley.

Our kids seem to steer towards fun music and pop, like any kids. Our son's favorite song of the year by far was by Battles. He can listen to Atlas over and over again, always making hit clear he wants "the robot song." Gillian's favorites included the first 4 tracks on Regina Spektor's latest and a couple of borderline appropriate Rilo Kiley numbers.

Musical agreement always surrounded The New Pornographer's Your Rights vs. Mine, (especially the line "new empire in rags"), She Doesn't Get It by The Format, anything by Feist and Rise by Robbie Seay (we are not complete heathens).

10. The Cobalt Season- In Search of a Unified Theory
9. Rilo Kiley- Under the Blacklight
8. Sufjan Stevens- Come on Feel the Illinois
7. The Flaming Lips- At War With The Mystics
6. The New Pornographers- Challengers
5. Robbie Seay Band- Give Yourself Away
4. Battles- Mirrored
3. Feist- The Reminder
2. The Format- Dog Problems
1. Regina Spektor- Begin to Hope

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