Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Green Church Conference (in FLA)

On Thursday I will be heading over to Orlando (by myself, not carpooling) for the Creation Care Conference at Northland Church in Longwood, FL.

It is only $35 and offers some important names in the Christian environmental movement. I am excited about a number of things regarding this event, including the chance to rub shoulders with people of like mind and values. However, I am most excited about the chance to listen to a green builder sharing his experiences building environmentally friendly churches and sharing his ideas on this subject (for a number of years, this has been of utmost importance to me- thinking church buildings must be green).

This looks like a great event, one that I cannot believe is in this state, which seems to care little about such things.

By the way, here is my wife on the subject of Going Green.

Also, check this great website for anyone interested in the practical realities of low impact living and how to do it.


james said...

Nice plug and nice linkage with that low impact living site. Very helpful.

kristi said...

wish i was going with you.... we could carpool. ;)