Monday, May 05, 2008

short takes

  • Interesting article in USA Today on Black Churches and the schism between the candidate of choice and an important icon within black churches. link
  • The critics are right. Iron Man is that good. It made $100 million this weekend and Rotten Tomatoes declares it the best reviewed film of the year (94% good reviews). As a recovering comic addict (not just a fan), I can say it is among the best comic to film adaptions yet. I need to see it again (in IMAX- if it exists). While not my favorite Marvel hero, he is in the pantheon (and my best friend's fave) and translates very well to the screen, especially with the brilliant casting choice of Downey as Tony Stark. I had some problems with continuity (weapons photographed with enemies bearing the logo of the American defense contractor, etc.), but the coolness factor, the testosterone and the personality of Stark made up for any minor contrivances.
  • Crunchy Con on the inevitability of global warming and its acceptance. link

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