Monday, June 23, 2008

music shorts

  • Any new song by Ben Folds is an important announcement. So, Ben Folds previewed new songs at Bonnaroo and there are good videos of the songs. Click here for more info.

  • Entertainment Weekly reveals another ridiculously lame list showing how little their critics know about music or culture. Here is there Top 100 best Albums since 1983. Much like my previously attempted list of Rick Bennett's Top 200 Albums of his listening lifetime.. but much worse. I will attempt to re-post and continue my "tour de force." But, in the meantime notice the good choices on this list (namely #2- which is the same on my list, #3) and the poor choices (most of the list- namely #9, #11, #13- trying to be hip and failing, #19, #21, #24, #41- you can't count GH albums... that is a rule, #53- great album too soon, #62- obvious top 10, #63- obvious number 1). Here are some of my Album Lists.
  • Other music news- one of my favorite artists is Eef Barzelay. He is the lead singer of the criminally underrated Clem Snide. Known as a terribly snarky and witty songwriter (much like the aforementioned Folds), he is not for everyone. However, if you like very smart songwriting, check out his latest solo project, Lose Big. It features great songs like Apocalyptic Friend, a loving broadside at a friend waiting for the rapture, at the expense of those closest to him, The Girls Don't Care, a reminder that girls want sweetness and melody- not philosophy and obscure movie lyrics from their men and a song about me called It Could Be Worse. Preview much of the album here. Download some of his music here.

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