Saturday, June 20, 2009

final thoughts on taking ourselves less seriously

21. Look at pictures of yourself when you were young and awkward. Show them to others. Let them laugh at your hairstyle, clothing or anything else. Notice how dorky you really did look.

22. Watch sports. Get your angst out by rooting for one team, against another and debating the unfairness of officiating. Why? Because it does not matter. It is more fun to debate things that don't matter anyway.

23. Watch The Hangover. It is that funny.

24. Go see The Flaming Lips in concert. Try to act cool.

25. Dance like Elaine on Seinfield.

and lastly, don't take the opinions you hold as Gospel. Don't hold on to them too closely. You could be wrong. And don't get worked up when people have different opinions than you. They are not indicting your worth as a human being by having a different opinion. Even if they are, they could be wrong.. or they could be right and you are wrong. Who knows? You don't and I don't. That much I know.

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. said...

It took me so long to learn that its okay for others to have different opinions - well, okay, I'm still learning.

Loved the list. Thanks for sharing.